Epson C2800N Color Laser Printer (Print 1200x1200 dpi * 从 25 ppm * 收20 ppm, 128 MB)


Epson C2800N

  Epson C2800N Color Laser Printer (Print 1200x1200 dpi * 从 25 ppm * 收20 ppm, 128 MB)


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EPSON Aculaser C2800N

- Stunning colour vibrancy that injects life into your presentations

- Greater efficiency with the impressive speed performance and short warm-up time

- Low maintenance with higher cartridge and paper handling capabilities

Backed by advanced technology that delivers, the EPSON AcuLaser™  C2800 series is a benchmark for world-class quality and performance that enhances your business efficiency and productivity. With the EPSON AcuLaser™  C2800 series, you get reliable performance that never fails to impress.


Great Performance the Delivers Uncompromising Quality

The EPSON AcuLaser™  C2800 series operates at a speed of 25ppm for mono and 20ppm for colour. Together with a speedy first page out time of 15 seconds and short warm-up time of 30 seconds, you can expect superb speed performance without sacrificing printing quality with EPSON AcuLaser™  Colour 4800 RIT (Resolution Improvement Technology).


Effortless Functionality with Minimal Hassle

A large graphic LCD panel ensures great visibility, and its integrated help function provides easy-to-follow instructions complete with detailed graphics for tasks such as replacing toner cartridges and clearing paper jams. Epson toner cartridges now include an integrated photoconductor to reduce the hassle of loading extra consumables. Convenient frontal access design provides ease of use during replacement of cartridges.


Increase Productivity with Lower Maintenance Needs

Accomplish more with the EPSON AcuLaser™  C2800 series, as its standard tray holds more paper (400 sheets standard, and up to 950 sheets) minimising the inconvenience of having to replenish paper supply in a hectic office environment.


With higher toner capacity, you can now print more, reducing time spent in replacing cartridges. The EPSON AcuLaser™  C2800 series also automatically switches to black when the colour toner runs out, ensuring minimum downtime as you won't have to change your cartridge to complete the



End users also need not worry about high workgroup print volume causing printing speed to slow down as memory is expandable to max 640MB. Enhance your workgroup productivity and increase efficiency with all that EPSON Aculaser C2800 series has to offer.


In short, less time spent on maintenance - more time for tasks that matter to you and your business.


Simple Solutions to Secure Printing

User-friendly software tools accessible via the LCD panel provide greater information and network security. You can secure printing of confidential documents with the use of password protection, while other key features work together to limit user access and protect network settings.

A list of key features:

·         IP Filtering permit or deny users access to the printer by specifying IP address ranges.

·         'Reserve job' option requires password to commence stored print job.

·         'Header/Footer/Watermark' functions avoid mistaken pickups by affixing key information.

·         'Port lock' function controls interface port via Network or USB I/F.

·         'Printer lock' function protects printer and network settings from unauthorised changes.


EPSON AcuBrite™ Technology

The EPSON AcuLaser™ C2800 series uses EPSON AcuBrite™ toner which ensures uniformed toner particles and wax distribution. This unique feature also provides outstanding colour expression and uniform image quality. With high pigment colour expression and the right amount of gloss, EPSON AcuBrite™ toner is ideal for printing documents.

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