Linovo Idea Centre A600 - All In One


Linovo Idea Center A600


  Linovo Idea Centre A600 - All In One


Linovo Idea Centre A600 - All In One

Desktops will never be the same.
A600 combines the power of a traditional tower PC with the style and simplicity of a television. You can have it all—powerful computing performance, easy set up, space-saving design and high-definition multimedia. And it's all presented in one very slim, attractive and amazingly competitively-priced package.

With a 21.5" Full HD screen, a single power cord and an impressive range of digital entertainment features, it's as much at home in your living room as it is in your home office.

Beautifully simple
The A600 all-in-one desktop is sleek, powerful and stylish. This sassy little number artfully fuses form and function and looks perfectly at home anywhere in your house.

The world's slimmest all-in-one PC.* Its slim, clutter-free design makes it the envy of all other desktops. (*Measured at its thinnest point.)

Simple set-up. A single power cable is all it takes to set up this all-in-one desktop. No more messy VGA cables or confusing tangle of power cords.

Greater flexibility. The A600 is designed with an adjustable base for comfortable viewing.
Powerful desktop computing
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo mobile processors. Run multiple applications without bogging your PC down. You'll also enjoy outstanding performance for multimedia applications like playing HD video or encoding DVDs.

High-performance graphics. Enjoy games with the latest visual effects thanks to the installed ATI Mobility Radeon™ graphics card* which supports DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4 for the latest gaming effects. (*select models).

With DDR3 memory installed, you'll benefit from faster multi-tasking and more responsive application performance. Compress and open large documents more easily and enjoy smoother, more realistic, responsive gaming.

Large storage capacity allows you to store and access more movies, music, photos, games and other files all in one place.
Intuitive controls
Optional 4-in-1 Remote Control
  • VOIP handset
     Make and receive voice-over-IP internet phone calls.*
  • Air mouse
    Control the on-screen pointer as an alternate to a standard mouse.
  • Motion Drive Games
    For an interactive and fun gaming experience.** Use the direction pad keys like a normal gamepad.
  • Media Center Remote
    Enjoy music, pictures, videos and movies with your remote. Choose a model with a TV tuner*** and navigate TV programs and stream movies.

4-in-1 Remote is available with models: 3011-4BU and 3011-3HU.

* VOIP software installation from 3rd party required.

** Requires installation of supporting games. Some models include a pack of 4 games with motion-drive support.

*** TV tuner is available with models:3011-3CU, -4BU and -3HU.

Lenovo peace-of-mind technology

OneKey™ Rescue System 2.0. Restore your system from a crash or virus with a click of a button. It's the quick, easy and reliable way to protect your data.

Make your face your password. VeriFace™ 3.5 is the fun and easy way to access your computer.


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Full HD entertainment
The A600 was built to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience. Here are a few highlights:
A gorgeous frameless 21.5" Full HD (1920x1080) 16:9 widescreen. Enjoy your movies, videos and gaming on a brilliant, widescreen display for a vivid, cinematic experience.

Genuine Dolby® Home Theater™ surround sound plus a serious 2.1 speaker system with bass sub woofer complete the ultimate audio experience.

Microsoft Vista Media Center easily allows you to watch, record and organize video and TV programs. (Optional 4-in-1 remote required)

A slot-loading Blu-ray Disc™ drive enables you to enjoy high-def movies. (Select models)

Touch-sensitive controls react to your hand movement to illuminate and display on/off, brightness & ODD eject controls.
Flexible connectivity
Wireless networking
Integrated WiFi wireless technology provides reliable and fast connectivity to a wireless router for more flexibility when installing wireless networking at home.

Conveniently placed ports
Connect to a range of USB devices with a total of 6 USB2.0 ports; 2 side mounted and 4 on the rear for complete flexibility. There's an IEEE 1394a FireWire connector as well.

6-in-1 card reader
Quickly download photos and movies from your digital camera with an integrated card reader which is compatible with all common storage formats.
Wireless keyboard & mouse
Enjoy the clutter-free and simplified world of wireless. Optional wireless keyboard and mouse enable operation of the computer from up to 65 feet away for maximum flexibility and convenience of use. *(Available with select models: 330113CU, -4BU, -3DU and -3HU. Wireless performance will vary according to environment conditions)
Integrated TV tuner
An integrated hybrid analog/digital TV tuner means you can use the A600 just like a normal HD television, but with the added benefit of digitally recording TV programs. (Available on select models: 330113CU, -4BU, and -3HU.)

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